About Nadira

Anesthesiologist, Wife, Mother, Certified Life Coach

My Story

I am an academic anesthesiologist with 29 years of experience practicing in Ottawa, Canada.  I completely understand everything you are going through because I’ve been through it myself.  I get it.  A life practicing medicine is both extremely challenging and incredibly rewarding.  

I’ve been married to my husband for 23 years and I’ve lived through the ups and downs of making a marriage work, including his battle with cancer.  I am the mom of two kids ages 19 and 22 and have done it all:  from making baby food to helping furnish the first apartment.  I know exactly how overwhelming it can feel to juggle all the demands of two full-time jobs.  

I discovered life coaching in March of 2019 when I hired my own physician coach.  It was like going from black and white to technicolour.  At the age of 54, I learned concrete tools that I have used to improve every area of my life.  I stopped feeling burnt out and started feeling empowered to create the life of my dreams.  When the pandemic unfolded, I felt like I had a secret superpower that helped me to thrive while many of my colleagues struggled.

I started to wonder:  what might my life have been like if I had learned these tools at age 24 instead of age 54?

I became inspired to spend six months training to become a certified life coach, and another six months doing additional applied coach training. In my 3-year-old coaching practice, I exclusively work with other doctors.

I believe that every physician needs to learn these tools, and I am passionate about teaching these tools to as many physicians as possible. I am taking everything I’ve learned in my life and using it to be the best Physician’s Life Coach that I can be.

Wondering if coaching can work for you?

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