In March of 2019, I took a big step.  After struggling with my weight for my whole life, I decided to hire a life coach who specializes in helping female physicians lose weight.  

That decision changed the trajectory of my life.  So many wonderful things have come out of that decision (more on that in future blogs), but the most wonderful thing was that I became a Warrior Goddess.

I became connected to a group of 22 smart, strong, capable, beautiful, brave, funny, thoughtful, and accomplished badass female physicians from across North America who communicate by text and video chat.  Some of them I’ve met (and hugged) in person.  Others, I’ve only met online.  But all of them are dear friends whom I love.  They’ve touched my life and I’ve touched theirs.  We call ourselves the Warrior Goddesses.  

(Full disclosure:   I’m also part of a smaller group of 7 women who are equally wonderful and equally important to me.  We speak almost daily and for all intents and purposes, they are honorary goddesses.)

Here are just some of the lessons these spectacular women have taught me.

  1. Even in a pandemic, we will be OK.

One of the goddesses worked in Seattle, at one of the first hospitals in North America to have COVID cases.  She posted in her PPE with tears in her eyes, expressing her fears about contracting the disease and taking it home to her family.  I watched as she adjusted to the “new normal”, and was able to conquer her fear and care for her patients.  Long before we had any cases of COVID in my Canadian city, I knew what was coming, and I knew that I could handle it.  

  1. We never see ourselves as others see us.  

The greatest gift the goddesses have given me is the ability to see myself through their eyes.  They know me.  They’ve heard my musings and insecurities, triumphs and failures.  They’ve seen me with bedhead and no makeup in my PJs. They know all about my battles with chocolate chip cookies and the scale.  

They are incredibly amazing women.  And they think I’m amazing.  Ergo, I must be amazing.  

The reflection of myself that I see in their eyes has given me courage.  Courage to take risks with my life. Like spending a year of my life training to be a life coach while continuing my practice as an anesthesiologist.  Like putting myself out there by creating a website with my name on it.

  1. We can do hard things.

It can be so easy to forget who we are, and where we’ve been.  Think about it:  against all odds, we got into medical school, and we graduated.  We trained to become family doctors or specialists.  We’ve built our practices and our reputations.  We’ve worked crazy hours under incredible pressure while making space for spouses and kids.  We did all that.  

We are experts at doing hard things.  Through using life coaching tools, the goddesses have exemplified how we can harness this ability to do hard things and use it to create the life of our dreams.  

Like one member who made the difficult decision to close her ob-gyn practice after 14 years when it succumbed to the challenges of the pandemic.  She conquered the resultant depression and negotiated her way to a position where she now makes more money working half the time.

  1. Our struggles are the same.

The goddesses couldn’t be a more disparate group.  We live all over from small towns to big cities.  Surgeons, family docs, ER docs, you name it.  We are at all different stages, from our first year in practice to pre-retirement.  But here’s the thing:  our struggles are the same.

We all judge ourselves.  “I should be: more of a team player in my practice……..more organized….a more enthusiastic teacher….more published….a better spouse….more academic….more present as a parent….more financially savvy….better dressed….”; the list goes on and on.

This is our bond.  We get it.  We speak the same language.  We know exactly what it means to live this physician’s life.  And our bond allows us to help each other overcome.

  1. Together, we rise.

There is something incredibly powerful and inspiring about seeing friends that you identify with taking risks with their lives and accomplishing their dreams.  It causes you to wonder “How can I take a page from their book?” and “What do I want to create with my life?”  Each one of us has gone further in our lives because of the courage of the collective.

If you would like to learn how to awaken your own champion within, let me be your guide.  I am passionate about teaching you the same tools and concepts that the warrior goddesses use.  It is the whole reason I became a life coach.  Let’s go.

Ready to make a life change?

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