What My Clients Are Saying

Coaching with Nadira has been so worthwhile. I highly recommend her to anyone who feels stuck, anyone who wants to improve their life, anyone who feels resigned to living the life they have, yet secretly wishes it could be better or different.  Being coached by Nadira has started me on a path where I can make decisions from an empowered place.  She can help you get unstuck in any area of your life.
Dr. S.T.
I was stuck in a rut, exacerbated by the pandemic, with no idea how to get out.  Nadira encouraged me to think outside my usual thoughts and limits about where I am in my career.  I learned that while I considered myself at the end of my career, I can define it as a new beginning and shape it as I want. 
Dr. L.W.
Retiring Physician
As a physician, Nadira understands my specific challenges. She knew exactly how to teach me the tools to become more grounded and less angry. I learned to train my brain to think consciously rather than instinctively. As a result I have more happiness, and better personal and professional relationships. My husband is convinced that this was the best investment that I have ever made for my personal development, and so am I! Now I tell all my friends and colleagues to choose Nadira as their life coach.
Dr. J.L.
Coaching with Nadira has been such a gift. I would recommend Nadira to any one of my friends or colleagues because she is genuine and non-judgmental. She’s real about everything and I appreciate that! She helped me with a situation that created a lot of worry for me by teaching me how to create awareness around my thoughts about this topic. I was able to decide ahead of time how I wanted to show up. Even knowing that I had a choice in preparing for this was very empowering. After our session, she sent me a follow up email with a summary of what we discussed that I am able to go back to as needed.
Dr. A.A.